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Spelling List 2

List 2

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Psalter Tunes Website

Psalter tunes web site

If you are unfamiliar with some of the psalter tunes that we have chosen for memory work this year, here is a website that has the tunes available in a midi format.

I find that it works quite well.

Reading Grades and Guidelines

Reading Guidelines 

When reading orally, I generally listen for the following characteristics to be present when a student reads:

1) Smoothness: reading by good phrasing rather than reading word by word; there should be no pauses unless called for by punctuation or context

2) Alertness to punctuation: stopping at periods, pausing at commas, and raising voice at question marks

3) Volume: reading loudly enough to be heard clearly at the back of the room; holding the book correctly and keeping the head up help the volume to improve

4) Enunciation: saying the words clearly, not mumbling; some will need to slow down in order to accomplish this

5) Speed: reading at a speed that enables the reader to be accurate, smooth, and expressive

6) Accuracy: pronouncing words and reading sentences correctly

7) Poise: having confidence in reading and speaking before others

8) Expression: having good voice inflection to make the story interesting and realistic

Grade Range

A or A- students who read smoothly with proper expression and need very little help

B+ or B students who have good expression but need to sound out words occasionally, or who have to reread from time to time to get good expression

B- or C+ students who need to work on expression, but who know the words or can sound them out quickly

C or C- students who are having difficulty with words and expression

D+ or D students who are struggling and must sound out nearly every word and reread several times before new reading is smooth

Memory Work Schedule 2018-2019

Memory Work Theme: Prayer__ _______2018-2019

Psalter #

Week of

The Lord’s Prayer
Hallelujah, praise Jehovah  ...................v. 1, 3
                                                              v. 5, 7
Jehovah is my Light                                   v. 1
                                                                  v. 5
September  4                                      

Hannah’s Prayer of Praise
Samuel 2
Thy Lovingkindness, Lord is Good             v. 1
                                                                  v. 2
                                                                  v. 4
How Shall the Young Direct Their Way  v. 1, 2
                                                               v. 3,4
October       1
Solomon’s Prayer of Dedication
1 Kings 8:22-53
I Waited for the Lord Most High                v. 1
                                                                  v. 3
                                                                  v. 4
Christmas Songs / Program
November   5

Simeon’s Prayer of Blessing
Luke 2:25-35
Christmas Songs / Program
December   3

Nehemiah’s Prayer for Success
Nehemiah 1:1-2:9
God Be Merciful to Me                                v.1
                                                                  v. 2
                                                                  v. 3
                                                                  v. 4
January       7

David’s Prayer of Repentance
Psalm 51
Thy Tender Mercies, O My Lord                v. 1
                                                                  v. 3
Gracious God, My Heart Renew                v. 1
                                                                  v. 2
February     4
The Publican’s Prayer
Luke 18:10-14
In Full Assurance of Thy Grace                 v. 1
The Offering on the Altar Burned               v. 1
                                                                  v. 2
March         4
Jesus’ Prayer of Submission
Luke 22:39-46
The Lord I Will At All Times Bless              v. 1
Judge Me, God of My Salvation                  v.1
                                                                  v. 2
                                                                  v. 3
April            1
Congregational Prayer for Peter
Acts 12:1-12
Ye Gates Lift Your Heads                          v. 1
                                                                  v. 2
                                                                  v. 3
Closing Program
May             6

Prayer for Jesus’ Second Coming
Revelation 22:12-21
Closing Program
June            3

Phonics Charts 6-13

Chart 6
Chart 8
Chart 10
Chart 12
ck in duck
e in me
o in go
y in fly
ay in pray
st in stop
pl in plane
fr in frog
tr in train
sh in ship
th in thick
th in this
bl in block
cl in clock
fl in flake
gl in glue
thr in three
ar in stars
ch in church
or in morning
ou in out
ow in owl
ow in bowl
er in verse
ur in nurse
ir in bird
oi in coin
oy in boy
oo in book
oo in tooth
wor in worms
igh in night
all in ball
alk in walk
wh in whale
wh in who
tch in patch
ear in ear
ear in bear
ear in earth
old in gold
mb in lamb
ew in flew
ew in few
-y in rainy
-er in bigger
-est in biggest
-ly in slowly
-en in sharpen
-es in peaches
ild in child
ind in kind
a - in asleep
al- in also
be- in because
en- in enjoy
un- in unbutton
wr in wrinkle
ould in could
air in hair
u in push
ough in enough
ou in country
arr in carry
ire in fire                                                 
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Chart 7
Chart 9
Chart 11
Chart 13
br in bride
dr in drum
pr in pray
gr in grin
sm in smoke
sc in scat
sk in skate
sp in spade
cr in crab
tw in twins
spl in splash
spr in sprain
scr in scream
squ in squeak
sn in snack
sl in sleep
str in stream
sw in swim
-ing in pointing
kn in knot
gn in gnat
ang in bang
ing in king
ong in long
str in strung
ank in bank
ink in wink
onk in honk
unk in trunk
wa in wash
a in adopt
y in baby
le in little
-ed in wanted
-ed in looked
-ed in played
o in shovel
a in banana
c in city
au in faucet
aw in saw
ea in leaf
ea in thread
ea in steak
ie in brownie
ey in key
ey in obey
ph in phone
ch in chorus
ought in thought
aught in caught
g in giant
dge in fudge
-ful  in wonderful
are in care
tain in mountain
ure in pure
ture in pasture
war in warm
tion in nation
sion in missionary
sion in television
eigh in eight
or in sailor
ar in dollar
y in crystal
err in cherry
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