Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Welcome Letter 2016
Dear Parents,                                                                                      September 6, 2016


     Another school season is starting as well as other events such as Sunday school, Bible studies, and various meetings that keep families busy. I hope that you enjoyed your summer full of rest, holidays, and visiting with friends and family. I am looking forward to having your child in Grade 2, and consider it a privilege to be their teacher this year. A blog has been created to ensure that at all times spelling lists, phonics charts and important notes can be accessed.  Please do not comment on the blog site as there is no privacy there.  No last names or school name will be posted there.  To access, type nevennewsfortwos.blogspot.ca  in your browser.  I hope this will be helpful to us all.  As well, RCS has a “private” facebook account where at times some pictures of exciting events may be posted.  Watch our weekly bulletin for more information.


Listed are some of the routines for the up coming year.


1.  Library: Our library day this year is Friday. Please help your child remember their library books so that they can borrow new ones.


2. Phys-Ed: Gym will be on Thursday’s & Friday's. Students do not need a change of clothes, but they do need non-scuff inside shoes (running shoes, please) for this.


3. Art: We plan on doing art a few days/week (Wednesday’s for sure) and as we all know accidents can happen. Paint shirt’s will be provided and will be worn to cover their uniform.


4. Spelling: We usually go through one spelling lesson per week. On Thursday’s students will be asked to copy their words in their agendas under the column “Words of the Week.”  As the year progresses and more words are added, it will be necessary to “squish” them in. Our test days are on Friday. Our first test will be on Sept. 9.  Each test page will go home in the test package every Friday.  On the back side of each test will be the list for the next week.

As we progress through the year, 3 vocabulary words will be included.  Additional instructions will be given at that time.  We will be able to access the spelling word list on nevennewsfortwos.blogspot.ca. 


            5. Homework: Students will have reading homework this year.  We hope to use   a “Guided Reading” Approach in the classroom.  These reading assignments are

 meant to encourage stronger reading skills.  A suggested method of doing reading homework is to have your child read over the material by themselves first. Then sit down together and have your child read to you. Encourage your child to sound                out words that are difficult for them versus giving them the words.

     I understand families can become very busy at times. So, please, if your child has a legitimate reason for not finishing a reading homework assignment just write it in their agenda and reassure your child that these things happen and their teacher understands.

     Make homework a priority with your child by providing him/her with all the necessary supplies and an appropriate working environment. Give your child lots of praise and support when homework is completed responsibly. Contact me by phoning the school or a note in the agenda if you notice a problem.

     Your child may have homework in other subjects such as math but every attempt will be made to finish at school without sacrificing recess.

   6. Reading Books: In our phonics/reading program, we use many books. We ask that special care be given to these books so that they will last a long time.  If any book is damaged or lost and requires replacement, a fee will be charged             to cover the cost of the     new book.  To help keep all readers protected, each child will receive a bag to store their readers in. This will help avoid ripped covers and wet pages.


7. Agendas: Students are required to write down their homework in their agenda everyday. If they have no homework, they are to write “No Homework.” Agendas need to be signed daily (except on weekends) by a parent even on those days that have no homework. This is also a means of communication between you as parents and me.  Agendas will also contain changes to assignments listed in the weekly bulletin. We will also include any events that are occurring such as: library day, pizza day, and so on.  Please feel free to write a question or a note to me.  A small sticker is given for a signed agenda.


8. Worksheet Packages: Worksheet packages will be sent home once a week (Probably on Fridays). Please look them over so you know how your child is doing. These do not have to be signed or returned to school unless you have questions or concerns about your child’s mark. Please send it back with your questions and I’ll get back to you.  


9. Extra Clothes: Sometimes accidents occur during the day (muddy or wet clothes), and clean clothes are needed. Pleases send a complete set of inside clothes (school colours, if possible) in a bag that can be folded, labeled and kept in a cupboard.


      11.  American Content: As you realize much of our curriculum in the lower grades comes from USA. We try as much as possible in the classroom to replace it with Canadian content. Examples of this would be the American coins on a math page are covered with the Canadian coins, or in spelling, the spelling of “colour” is taught spelling it the Canadian way and not the American style which would be “color”. So please remember we are trying our best to replace what we can with Canadian content.  Any American content pages are done at student initiative only.


 12. Discipline Procedures:

            There are a few simple rules, which are expected to be followed:

            1. During a lesson, raise your hand to speak.

              2. Be busy with something constructive at all times.

              3. Respect each other’s property and person.

       Students are given warnings, name on the chalk board, assigned spelling     words, and if necessary, a phone call home will be used to promote obedience. I hope we have a good school year together. Please call or leave a note in the agenda if you have any questions or concerns.



Mrs. S. Neven                                                       

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