Monday, 7 January 2019

Poems for Poetry Competition

* One of these poems (or a different 12 line minimum poem) is due to recite to the class on January 25.  If your child is chosen to present, the Competition is on Feb. 14, 2019.

*These are the poems that we are studying in class.  If your child would like to present another poem, you are welcome to!

When Tillie ate the Chili
by Jack Prelutsky

When Tillie ate the chili,
she erupted from her seat,
she gulped a quart of water,
and fled screaming down the street,
she coughed, she wheezed, she sputtered,
and ran totally amok,
she set a new world record
as she raced around the block.

Tillie’s mouth was full of fire,
Tillie’s eyes were red with tears,
she was smoking from her nostrils,
she was steaming from her ears,
she cooled off an hour later,
showing perfect self-control
as she said, “What tasty chili,
I should like another bowl.”

Recess! Oh, Recess!
By Darren Sardelli

Recess! Oh, Recess!
We love you! You rule!
You keep us away from the teachers in school.
Your swings are refreshing.
Your slides are the best.
You give us a break from a really hard test.

Recess! Oh, Recess!
We want you to know,
you’re sweeter than syrup,
you’re special like snow.
You don’t assign homework.
You make the day fun.
You let us play kickball and run in the sun.

Recess! Oh, Recess!
You’re first on our list.
We’d be in despair if you didn’t exist.
We’re happy to have you.
You’re awesome and cool.
Recess, Oh, Recess!
We love you! You rule!

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